Shane Wooten Music

Shane Wooten Music

Official website of country artist Shane Wooten, with tour dates, photos, news, music and more

Song Clips

  • White Trash

    White Trash

    Pheonix Rising
  • Pitbulls and Chainsaws

    Pitbulls and Chainsaws

    Pheonix Rising
  • Get a Little Crazy

    Get a Little Crazy

    Pheonix Rising
  • Redneck Credit

    Redneck Credit

  • More Behind the Picture

    More Behind the Picture

  • Honky Tonk Weekend

    Honky Tonk Weekend

  • In America

    In America

  • Shovelin’ Sunshine

    Shovelin’ Sunshine

  • Runnin’ with a Redneck Crowd

    Runnin’ with a Redneck Crowd

    Pheonix Rising